Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Rest of the List - The End!

I am tired of feeling weighted down by the pending tag, so I am finishing this NOW and moving on!

4 Jobs I have had:

See previous posts for installments.
I could have added 10th grade English Teacher.

4 Movies I would see over and over:

Gone With the Wind
Midnight Cowboy
On Golden Pond
When Harry Met Sally

I have seen them all multiple times and will see them all again!

4 Foods that I Love:

Banana Popsicles
Bindi Masala (Okra Curry) & Kabuli Nan (Indian bread filled with cherries and nuts)
Sweet Potato Soufflé
Salmon Paté

4 Vacation Spots I have enjoyed:

Coastal New Brunswick, Canada
San Francisco Bay area, CA
New England - especially Maine and NH
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

4 Places I have lived:

Southern born, bred, and educated in various southern locations.
Atlanta, GA
Puget Sound area of the Pacific NW

4 Places I would rather be right now:

On the Mediterranean, somewhere off the coast of Greece
Sleigh riding, snuggled up with my hubby, in Lake Tahoe, NV
Looking out on the Pacific Ocean from our bed in Pacifica, CA
With my sister, giggling and planning our trip to the OR coast

4 Television Shows I Watch:

American Idol
CNN NEWS; news junkie here!
The Apprentice (don't like Donald, just his show!)

Big secret? Shhhhhh...Don't tell, but General Hospital (taped since 1981)!
Ask me about Luke and Laura!


Tammy said...

Nice to meet you sky! Thanks for stopping by with the info. I was doing an entry on the ER episode and missed it.

I've read your insightful comments to Tara. I have just been reading about your job's and the beautiful way you told the stories. You have a gift for writing. I just did my fourth poem ever and reading real writer's like you inspire me to try harder. My hand's are gnarled but my brain can work miracles on a computer :)

Have a great day!

Tabor said...

I am so glad that my entry stimulated some laughter and new peace with hubby. Since I live on the EAst Coat we would have to do a Meet Me in Seattle for our next shopping trip. Love your blog template by the way. One of these days I will spend some time wending through all the html to make something original.

Belle said...

General Hospital! I remember watching as a young girl but, because of my grandmother, moved over to CBS soaps. In college I became hooked on GH all over again, taping it during the day and watching at night. I thought I kicked the habit...then I was home one day...and how could you not watch Sonny! :) Now I only watch if I happen to be home and think about it.
Yay for banana popsicles as well!

liz elayne said...

love these little glimpses into who you are. and that you have been taping GH for so long - that is fantastically fun.

MB said...

General Hospital, huh? Pretty funny! Enjoyed your list.

Frankie said...

What a great list of details about you! It's so wonderful to be able to learn about you this way. I'm so glad to have found you!

Patry Francis said...

"Luke and Laura" represented one of the best soap opera story lines ever--or at least the most addictive.

Also like your taste in movies and food!

rdl said...

not All my children?

rdl said...

Not All my children?