Wednesday, October 29, 2008

November 4th...It's My Choice

Considered by some as harsh, this new ad speaks for itself.
In fact, it's totally honest.
Words quoted, choices confirmed - it is there for the reading.
Sometimes decisions we make bite. McCain's was a gamble.
It may backfire.

We all have the opportunity to change the direction of our country on November 4th.

Vote for Your Choice

Obama/Biden 2008

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

And...This One Knows Who's Best

Image from Andrew Sullivan
The Daily Dish, The Atlantic Online

Sometimes words denote respect. Sometimes they don't.

As for this one - yes, I know who is best suited to lead this country. I like a candidate who is even tempered, not impulsive, able to look others in the eye and shake hands. I like a candidate who is more interested in discussing policy than throwing dirt, but who is not going to be bullied by a desperate man. I like a candidate who is concerned about the middle class, who knows from his own beginnings what it is like to struggle, a candidate whose belief in the truth of the American dream changed his life. I like a candidate who has worked hard to become the citizen he is, who has not expected others to pave the way, a candidate who is dependable and whose insight and vision are clear and deep. I like a candidate who is intelligent and articulate, whose words move me, who makes thoughtful choices and decisions which are in the best interest of the country. This is the candidate I will feel most comfortable knowing my country is being governed by, the person I think is best suited to international diplomacy, and in whose hands my life and the lives of those I love will rest.

Barack Obama in 2008