Wednesday, October 29, 2008

November 4th...It's My Choice

Considered by some as harsh, this new ad speaks for itself.
In fact, it's totally honest.
Words quoted, choices confirmed - it is there for the reading.
Sometimes decisions we make bite. McCain's was a gamble.
It may backfire.

We all have the opportunity to change the direction of our country on November 4th.

Vote for Your Choice

Obama/Biden 2008


Lee said...

The rest of the world is holding its breath on the sidelines. A poll in Australia shows we favour Obama over McCain, four to one.

Tammy said...

Mine too! XXOO

mb in Port Angeles said...

Got my Obama sign and Gregoire sign here in the window. I figure any pedestrians who want to exchange nods with me as they pass by on the street the way they do, we can just as well nod over the Obama sign, no?

As for the world, here's a world red/blue map. Pretty funny. Notice Alberta :-)

kate smudges said...

I think the entire world was celebrating last night. What a moment of history!!