Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Life: A to Z Meme

Grape Vines, Napa Valley, California
Photography from our private collection.

I was tagged by rdl to do the A-Z meme, so here are a few random facts about me and my life.

A - accent: Awwww…bless your heart, honey. Let’s see – as I sit on the veranda drinking my lemonade, I guess I can admit to a bit of a southern drawl.

B - booze: white zinfandel; sparkling white wines; Margarita: on the rocks with salted rim, and frozen with strawberries and sugared rim

C - chore I hate: I don’t like chores, so I don’t do them! ;)

D - dogs/cats: none at the moment – Sheltie and Terrier went to "pupppy heaven" at ages 18 and 15, respectively. :( Miss them very much and will be puppy parents again one day.

E - essential electronics: computer, cell phone and charger

F - favorite perfume/cologne: Carolina Herrera 212

G - gold/silver: gold most often, but occasionally silver

H - hometown: Atlanta, GA

I - insomnia: yes

J - job title: “the happy gardener” but once a social worker and even earlier an English teacher

K - kids: none

L - living arrangements: in a house with my man, surrounded by lush gardens, birds, squirrels, deer, and raccoons - with an occasional nearby bear sighting in spring.

M - most admired trait: sensitivity

N - number of sexual partners: married

O - overnight hospital stays: one at age 3

P - phobia: snakes, shots, germs – anti-bacterial wipes after shopping carts!

Q - quote: Be the change you want to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandhi

R - religion: none – eastern philosophy

S - siblings: one sister

T - time I usually wake up: depends on what time I go to bed – I usually sleep in 4 hour intervals.

U - unusual talent: beautiful gift wrapping

V - vegetable I refuse to eat: none – I even like rutabagas now!

W - worst habit: interrupting people!

X - x-rays: lumbar, left hip, left leg

Y - yummy foods I make: rum cake, home-made veggie soup, spoon cornbread, curried chicken salad

Z - zodiac sign: Virgo


robin andrea said...

I love reading this meme. It really is quite informative. I can just imagine you sitting on a veranda sipping a margarita, and speaking with that lovely southern Georgia accent.

rdl said...

Great answers, i enjoyed reading them and thanks for being a good sport about it. beautiful pic. too!

Endment said...

You did a lovely job with this meme--- can even hear the mockingbirds and see the camelias nodding :)

I am not fond of memes but you make it such enjoyable reading!

Mary said...

They seem simple on the surface, these memes, but they are quite informative. I enjoyed this, Sky, and particularly appreciated your answer to question C! :-)

MB said...

Yes, when I did this meme, I found myself frustrated by its "surface" nature. It asks about things I didn't feel were particularly important in my life. But reading the responses others have given, I am struck by the way it helps to round out a mind's eye picture! It's nice to have these additional images of you, Sky.

Suzann said...

nice- it is fun to learn more about you - love that vineyard shot. S.

liz elayne said...

this is such fun. love reading all of these little insights into who you are...just love it!

chosha said...

This is one of my favourite memes. I did it a while back myself. Each time I read it I always find out something about that person that delights me - in this case "beautiful gift wrapping". Don't ask me why that's so delightful - I have no idea. =)

Tammy said...

I really loved getting to know you better! Thank you for sharing :)

Tabor said...

Interesting. Some I knew from your blog and others were an interesting surprise.

Sky said...

Thanks everyone! Memes often do reveal a few little pieces of information, but I don't usually enjoy doing them so much. I may do the "I am from..." piece, however. It seems a bit more creative.

Patry Francis said...

Love your Gandhi quote.

Jennifer said...

curried chicken salad - YUM! A little picnic in your garden with some lemonade. You live in a paradise!

Nova said...

I'm coming over your house for the YUMMY foods that you make! ;-)

goldenlucyd said...

I always love hearing from you. Thanks for visiting yesterday. I need to come here more often---I always enjoy it so much. It's funny, and I think I feel a blog coming on, but so often I just get back to answer comments and then miss so many wonderful posts. I will try to do better!

Frankie said...

What a great way to get to know you better!! Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Wenda said...

Hello Sky, I'm finally taking some time to catch up on my blogs today and enjoyed reading yours.

Wenda said...

I forgot to mention how I love the photo and have missed reading your blogs lately. I imagine you out in your garden creating your wonders there instead of here as often as in the winter.

MB said...

Are you busy out in your garden? I know you are still around because of your wonderful comments! But I do miss your posts... but if you are putting your creative energy elsewhere then I am certain it's worthwhile!

Patry Francis said...

Hi Sky.

Endment said...

Missing you!

rdl said...

I got so excited when my blogroll indicated that you had posted, but i guess it updates if someone comments too. So i thought i'd say hi too. Hope all is well.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

I am with you completely on the worst habit! I have it too, and constantly try to stop myself. Any tips on how to change this one?