Monday, January 28, 2008

The Liar's Diary - Patry Francis

On January 29th The Liar's Diary, a suspenseful novel by Patry Francis, is being released in paperback by Plume. The hard cover edition was released February, 2007 by Dutton and was followed by a publicity tour which took Patry to various places across the country. It was my pleasure to meet her and her husband, Ted, in Seattle and to spend an evening with them. As delightful in person as she is in her blog posts at Simply Wait, Patry is a source of inspiration and remarkable story telling.

When a book is released the publisher and author design a publicity campaign for promoting the new book. Patry's book tour in 2007 was exciting and fun as she traveled to parts of the country she had never been, browsed interesting, new bookstores as she traveled, and saw her first novel being sold. She enjoyed meeting blogging friends and total strangers as she shared stories and promoted The Liar's Diary while doing readings and answering questions. Unfortunately, she is unable to promote the paperback release because she is recovering from cancer related surgery. Her prognosis is very good, but she is unable to travel about at this time and faces one more surgical procedure in March. Blogging friends have decided to join together to promote the release of the paperback, The Liar's Diary, by blogging about this fascinating book on January 29th. I could not possibly let the day go by without adding my two cents!

What fun it was to receive my copy of The Liar's Diary from Amazon in early 2007. I was unable to put it down once I opened the book. I reminded myself of those commercials about potato chips, the ones that say you can't stop eating them once you begin. Well, I just could not stop reading this seductive mystery with its twists and turns. I sat in my recliner for hours at a time turning pages and thinking, trying to figure out where the plot was really headed. Midway into the book I began to try to cast the movie in my head! I was enthralled with this thriller Patry had written about the relationship between two women who became unlikely friends, about loyalty, betrayal, secrets, and truth. I am sure you will enjoy it, too. The paperback edition is available on Tuesday, January 29th, at Amazon among other booksellers. Give yourself a reading treat. Then buy a copy for a friend!

Library Journal
"Kudos to Francis for this chilling study of a deeply disturbed, dysfunctional family, its crimes, and its fate."

New York Daily News
“Outright chilling.”
"Patry Francis has written a great first novel. Completely pulling the readers into the storyline, this journey takes you through self-reflection, sensitivity and empathy....It's a cruel world out there, but the author excels at exposing the world within."

Patry Francis's writings, both poetry and short stories, have appeared in the Tampa Review, Colorado Review, Ontario Review, and The American Poetry Review among other national publications. She is a three-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize and has twice been awarded the Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant. The Liar's Diary is her first novel. You may visit Patry's website to learn more about her and read a synopsis of her novel. Her blog called Simply Wait is surely worth a visit. The Liar's Diary is available in hard cover, paperback, CD audio, Cassette audio, and MP3 CD audio.

Congratulations, Patry! Many good wishes for your return to good health
and more fabulous writing! Your public awaits you!


mm said...

A lovely thing to do, Sky. The book is going on my reading list.

♥Nova said...

I know! I can't wait to read her book! I love her blog too. I'm addicted to her writing!

colleen said...

Wow! I had never seen that trailer. I tried to get the book at the library but they only had audio tape. I checked it out but did not attach to it the way I do with a book. I'm slow with the curve but will be getting it soon. After all, as you know, she and I are sort of related

colleen said...

PS -- the links aren't working for me.

Sky said...

Thanks, Colleen, for the heads up about the links. I just viewed the source code and saw that "http" had repeated itself in every link! I fixed it and hope it stays put! :)

I am glad you all plan to read the book. It is quite a roller coaster ride.

rdl said...

Yeah for Patry!!!
Now here's something we are on the same page about! :D

Endment said...

OK - I am racing ot to get the book - thanks for sharing

dlyn said...

I'll be ordering this book - looks like a good one. Thanks for the thorough review.

Patry Francis said...

Love to you, Sky--and many thanks. xo

Frankie said...

Sounds like a wonderful book! I'll definitely be checking it out. A reading list can never be too long, I think. This is such a nice tribute, Sky. You're such a lovely person!

Anonymous said...

Very honorable of you to promote such a book. Thanks to your generosity of spirit which is evident in your blog and blog comments, I will buy it tonight. This is a wonderful way of selling a book!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I can tell you are a generous spirit. Being connected to the earth and the garden like you are it's no surprise.
By the way, I adore red rhodadendron! My favorite of all the colors.