Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scenes from Spring

Sunday was the first sunny day of the season for us Pacific Northwesterners. People poured out of their homes and the local coffeeshops to gather in the sunshine. Parks were filled with people lounging in the light, sitting on benches, hiking along trails, and standing in groups busily chatting in excited tones. The Sound was filled with boats of every size and type. We watched the huge state ferries come and go. A cargo ship from the oceanic fleet of Wallenius Wilhelmsen was likely headed to Tacoma as it moved past sailboats appearing to glide along the silvery blue water. All afternoon we were reminded that spring is on her way.

A bright sun falling in the late afternoon sky lit the waters
of Puget Sound in a blinding glare. I was mesmerized with
the way the light filtered through these trees and amplified
their wooden bones.

Sailors put their boats in the water along the Magnolia
shoreline just north of Seattle on this, our first warm day
of the season. Until Sunday a rainy chill penetrated the
skies and kept us all inside. It is the Pacific NW, afterall,
so rain will return for the entire week ahead.

Robins played along the banks of the Sound and pushed
their beaks into the grassy carpet looking for food.
Yes, it is spring - the robins say so!

Washington ferries traveled back and forth along the
waterways, sharing travel routes with cargo and cruise
ships, motorboats, and sailboats. It is fascinating to
compare the sizes of the various vessels which move
along the Sound.

A clever hummingbird made a nest and laid 2 eggs in a
large camellia which was for sale at Molbak's Nursery in
Woodinville, WA. A birder in a forum I belong to shared
this information, so we headed there on our only sunny day
this spring. There they were, 2 young hummers alone in the
nest. Staff have protected the babies by placing barricades
around the shrub and asking customers to give the
birds privacy. This was taken with a zoom lens.

In the evening of March 9th, my husband took his
camera and tripod and headed outside to shoot this
photograph of a full moon framed by branches of
our bamboo trees. Even though it was not
quite spring it was a magical sight, and the one
with which I will end this exhibition!

All photography is from of our private colletion
and may not be used in any manner
without our explicit and written permission.
To enlarge the photographs just click on each one.


Tabor said...

Great photos and I really loved the little hummers. Reminded me I have to get my feeder out on the deck soon! I am so glad your wet winter has come to an end!

Endment said...

Oh Sky
Thanks for these glimpses of Spring! It is cold and overcast -rain predicted. We have just begun to be able to work the soil. The first daffodil shoots appeared just a week ago. My small lettuce and parsley seedlings are longing to get into the ground. Robins have arrived with their promise that spring can't be far behind.

Thanks for this lovely montage of spring.

One Woman's Journey said...

Love your pictures. I have missed you posting.

leslee said...

Those hummingbirds are so sweet! Great shot. And beautiful photos. Glad you got to enjoy some sunshine.

Patry Francis said...

These photos make me long for my "spiritual home" in the Northwest!

Hope you're doing well.

mb in Port Angeles said...

Oh just lovely.

rdl said...

Beautiful pics!

Pauline said...

It's like I was traveling through the sunny day with you - each photo was wonderful! Outside my window is that chill gray you mentioned. Send the sun eastward, please!

Celia said...

Thanks Sky, makes me miss Seattle, yea for the sunshine.

colleen said...

I think of the daffodil as the trumpet of spring's revelry saying WAKE UP spring. The sun is such a relief. I enjoyed this mix, made me happy, hopeful, and relaxed.

Brenda said...

Turning to your post, saving it, knowing I would savour whatever you wrote of, was like coming across that field of daffodils that makes the heart sing (of Wordsworthian fame).

Spring on the West Coast- how I missed Vancouver reading your words, seeing yours & your husband's photographs! It is still so cold here, today we had northerly winds and snow, very Wintery.

And such endearing pictures to carry away in one's memory... the water, the robin, those adorable fluffy hummingbirds, that bamboo moon.

Thank you, Sky. To come here is a blessing in itself.

kenju said...

I always love your photos, Sky, and your husband's is outstanding! Thanks so much for following!

daringtowrite said...


kate smudges said...

I loved seeing these images of spring (especially the daffodils). You live in such a beautiful place. I enjoyed seeing your photos ~ both you and your husband take wonderful photographs. Your blog is a visual delight.

Beverly said...

Thanks for the wonderful photos. the little birds...oh, my.

nova-san said...

Those photos are fantastic. Your husband has a wonderful eye with the photo of the full moon.

I was wondering you you got so up close to the hummingbirds. It's a shot worthy of a magazine cover.

Terra said...

The baby hummingbirds are precious. Yes, spring is definitely here.
I am planting veggies as fast as I can.

daringtowrite said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment on Elm and Chestnut. I'm looking forward to more of your exquisite photos as the season unfolds. Bought myself a little Canon backup camera so may soon be posting some photos of my own again, too.

Anil P said...

At first I almost took the last picture for a keyhole picture. Very creative. The attitude the pointed beaks of young Hummingbirds project is amusing. How tightly they sit in their little world.

Enjoyed the spring trail you left behind in this post.